As a unique Capricorn, Ms. Valerie participated in various Programs and won the “Miss Photogenic” and “Most Dazzling” Awards in the 2014 Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant.  In the Miss Chinese International Pageant” of 2015, Ms. Valerie obtained the spot of the top 10 finalist. She was multi-lingual and talented in dancing and playing the piano as well.

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iFACES – Spokesperson – Ms. Valerie – Laser Toning + HIFU V-shaped facial contour treatment

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Ms. Valerie – “I always focus on skincare and treatment. With aging, change in lifestyle, pressure and eating habits, there are more fine lines, pigmentation, and decrease in skin elasticity.  These problems can’t be cured simply by using skincare products.  That’s why I chose iFaces Derma Medical Beauty Centre which provide advanced medical cosmetic equipments.”

Ms. Valerie – Thoughts after treatments”Right after the treatment, my facial pores are refined, sebum production is reduced, my chin became more visible. I don’t need to use Photoshop again!”

Ms. Valerie perfectly interprets an elegant and confident woman with natural radiance. This is exactly the concept of “ideally Skin” .