Brand philosophy of iFaces Beauty

ideally skin(理想)




The Executive Director of iFaces Beauty has two decades of international cosmetics and medical beauty experience. With the pursuit in providing excellent medical beauty experience, he advocates three skin beautifying elements, the three “i’s”- ideal skin, individuality and i-smart, as their brand philosophy. Thus, the iFaces Derma Medical Beauty Center is established to promote these new beauty trends.


ideally skin(理想肌膚)

We help customers to achieve their ideal skin texture.


Everyone’s skin is unique by birthright, and each has different characteristics. We provide tailor made treatments for different skin types and conditions, countering the effects of aging, environment and seasonal changes.


We introduce a number of unique lasers and professional equipments with authoritative certifications to provide the latest medical beauty treatment for achieving the best results.


iFaces Beauty provides services based on the objective of “safety and reliability”. The Director of the Medical Beauty Center has more than 10 years of practical experience in the medical beauty industry. The Center has a team of professional medical beauty specialists to provide medical analysis and advices. Everyone can enjoy our exceptional and professional facial treatment experience!